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The perfect industry-specific B2B sales training

In B2B sales, continuous improvement is essential. Our bespoke training solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of your industry, your company, your teams and the individuals in those teams.

Our passion is bringing a new dimension to your sales teams, with a clear focus on teamwork, building confidence and creating habits that stick.

We want to accompany you on your development journey and work with you to deliver sustainable success and strong, trusted customer relationships.

The three phases of our B2B sales training



Needs analysis / training design

At the small stuff, the training path begins way before the actual training day(s) with a comprehensive needs analysis. We immerse ourselves in your world of sales and speak directly with your teams, team leads and other stakeholders. This allows us to develop a tailor-made training concept that is focussed on the specific challenges and goals of your sales teams. Our scenarios and role-plays are based on real business situations to ensure that the team receives solutions that are applicable to their own real-life situations.



Hands-on sales training

Based on a solid needs analysis, we get to work on delivering the practical training sessions, tailored to the teams’ needs and challenges. A core focus of our training programs is the importance that communication and psychology play in our roles as salespeople. We create exercises and practical group work specific to the team, which enhances the learning and the stickiness of the concepts. Our training is anything but dull! We believe in active participation during the sessions, which makes learning fun! Each new piece of theory is taught and explained, then tested through our creative games, group work and individual exercises, allowing each team and individual to apply it to their own world.



Practical Integration and follow-up

To ensure the long-term effectiveness of the training, we build in a comprehensive follow-up process. This includes individual and group coaching to address the specific challenges faced by teams. Another component is our innovative e-learning platform, which uses AI-supported, exercises and allows salespeople to practise key skills such as sales pitches or objection handling, and receive asynchronous feedback via the platform. This not only promotes interactivity, but also engagement by encouraging participants to actively apply what they have learned and reinforce it through micro-learning and continuous practice.

Our B2B sales training typically consistes of:

1. Communication as a basis for sales:

Based on the principles of communication psychology, our B2B sales training focuses on improving the communication skills of sales teams. We show you how to firstly understand your customer and build relationships through effective conversation and emotional intelligence.

2. Selling techniques for every situation:

We integrate recognised sales methodologies such as Challenger Sales and Solution Selling, as well as the DISC communication preferences of your customers. This approach allows sales teams to respond flexibly to different customer types and situations.

3. Successful leadership and team dynamic:

While our B2B sales training is designed for both sales teams and managers, we feel it is imperative that managers actively participate in supporting and accompanying the program. Research has shown that managers who are seen to be effective and focused on developing their people have teams with a 25-27% increase in productivity, are more engaged, more likely to stay, and more likely to produce in times of change..

Although our B2B sales training provides individual skills to each team member, the involvement of senior managers maximises the overall success and implementation of the strategies in the field.

Customer Acquisition & loyalty

Sales Strategies

Leadership & Team Development

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Comprehensive Sales Topics

E-learning at the small stuff: Effective, interactive, personalised.

Our advanced e-learning uses AI-powered, personalised learning experiences and asynchronous feedback. The AI acts as your personal hands-on partner, tailored to your industry and target customer group.

A key feature of our e-learning is asynchronous feedback. Participants can submit their practical exercises, such as sales pitches or presentations in video form, and receive individual feedback from our experts.

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Our platform relies on high interactivity and micro-learning to encourage engagement and intensify the learning process. Through a variety of interactions, participants are encouraged to actively apply what they have learnt and deepen it through continuous practice.

This method creates a dynamic learning experience that goes far beyond traditional e-learning approaches.

Tailored B2B sales coaching for every team member

In sales, coaching is essential to ensure the success of each team member and to strengthen the entire organisation. We focus on long-term, personalised support and hands-on guidance to ensure that our support is not only theoretical, but also practical.

Individual coaching

Versatile and flexible: Our approach covers everything from virtual sessions to face-to-face meetings, from preparing for specific sales situations to accompanying live calls and strategic account planning.

We offer the option of being available via WhatsApp (or similar platforms) for ad-hoc queries – allowing a proactive and customer-focused approach. Our goal is to use real-life situations to teach and apply what drives sales success.

Long-term assistance

Ongoing support and guidance, including optional participation in customer ride-alongs, ensures direct implementation of the strategies learned. We encourage managers to get involved in the process to ensure that learning and application go hand in hand.

Group coaching

Strengthening the team spirit: Our group coaching sessions bring people together with similar roles to encourage greater reflection and teamwork through feedback and learning from others.

This format not only strengthens individual skills, but also the team's cohesion, making sales a shared and enjoyable experience.

People focussed

Interactive approach


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Our team

Susannah Mathieson

Founder | Sales trainer & coach

Small changes make a big difference.”

Theresa Lehmstedt

Sales trainer

Never stop growing.”

Franziska Morin

Business Development Consultant

Don’t be busy, be productive!”

Chris Dawson

Sales trainer

„Sales is one of the most prestigious professions, and like all professions, it requires constant learning and development.“

Tabitha Tamberlin

Learning & Development Consultant

"We're never done learning."

Lothar Schiller

Sales trainer, sales coach & consultant

How to Unleash the Power of a “Successful Sales Mindset”!

Wendy Harris

Sales trainer

„You never know where a conversation will lead.”

Niraj Kapur

LinkedIn Trainer | Trusted Sales Coach

The more you learn, the more you earn."

Ian Swanston

Sales trainer

"Not sales training, but delivering results!"

Natalie Baksheieva

Luxury sales trainer & coach

„We are the authors of our own lives.“.

Janet Efere

Sales trainer

„A fresh perspective is often enough to solve challenges and increase sales.“

Cora Schülen

Business coach, trainer for stress management

„Be and be successful with clarity and awareness“

Xavier Guerin

Sales trainer & coach

"The only constant in life is change"

Dr. Thomas Schütte

Executive Speaker Coach | NLP-Trainer und Coach der Society of NLP™

„Become the boss in your own head and experience the freedom between your ears!“

Nikolai Köhler

Sales trainer & coach

„Your passion makes the difference between very good and excellent.“

Oliver Schuster

Professional Networker

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We want you

At the small stuff we are always looking for talented and passionate trainers, coaches and working students who can enrich our team and identify with our coaching concept.

Our network continues to grow and we are welcoming freelancers and other collaborators who share our approach.

What we look for:

  • Engaged trainers and coaches with a passion for sales and communication.
  • Students who want to immerse themselves in the world of B2B sales coaching.
  • Freelancers who can enrich our network with their expertise and fresh ideas.

Your application:

Forget the standard application. We really want to get to know you! Tell us about yourself in a short motivation letter:

  • Why you want to work with us.
  • How you believe you can enrich our team and our services with your skills and experience.
  • What innovative ideas or approaches you could bring to the table to offer our customers even more value.

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Thank you very much for your valuable tips and insights! I had the pleasure of getting to know Susie during the multi-day sales training. Her workshops are excellently prepared and provide real added value. As a sales beginner, she was able to impart a broad foundation of knowledge to me. At the same time, Susie always took the time for individual questions and issues. Her open and humorous manner greatly enriches the sessions. I can only recommend training with Susie. Dear Susie, I wish you all the best and success in all your endeavors! Thank you for your time and dedication!

Michael Faber

💡 Inside Sales Manager #magenta | 🚀 Brand Marketing Enthusiast | 📱Digital Content Creator

January 30, 2023, LinkedIn Recommendation from Michael Faber

We have worked with Susie for several years now. She is the best trainer in our industry. She is passionate about her work and has an amazing ability to read the room and change the agenda on the move to perfectly fit the audience. One thing that amazes me - even with several months between our sessions, she still remembers everyone’s name!! Every single one of us at DANX Carousel have positive words to say and I would recommend in a heartbeat! Keep doing what you are doing Susie and don’t ever change!! 💕

Sandra Hayton

Helping to create value based logistics solutions for time critical shipments

3. Oktober 2023, LinkedIn Empfehlung von Sandra Hayton

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