About Us: the the small stuff journey

  • The beginning of a dream

    (Founded: 3rd October 2019)

    Passionate about sales

    Our story begins with a spark of inspiration in the soul of Susie Mathieson. An experienced sales professional with a career spanning from telephone sales to key account management and sales leadership positions, Susie discovered her true calling during a sabbatical in March 2019.

    A chance encounter with a German traveller in Da Nang, Vietnam opened her eyes to her natural ability in understanding and inspiring people. She realised that her passion for helping people win at sales was not being used to its full potential and that's when the idea for the small stuff was born - a company specialising in sales training, focussing on the people first.

  • The Pivot

    (May 2020 – April 2021)

    The Birth of the digital sales revolution

    It was in the spring of 2020 when the world changed unexpectedly. The Corona pandemic hit companies hard and forced us all to rethink and adapt. This also posed a challenge for Susie: How does she reach and support her customers when face-to-face meetings are suddenly no longer an option?

    She soon found the answer through a creative mindset and the digital world. Susie developed a virtual pub quiz. On evenings or weekends, teams and groups of friends or family, who couldn’t be with each other physically, gathered in a virtual room to solve puzzles together and test their general knowledge. This digital format was not only a response to the isolation and distance brought about by the pandemic, but also the first step in a new direction. Susie discovered her passion for virtual training methods and began to develop the idea of digital B2B sales training.

  • The climb

    (Summer/Fall 2020)

    Growing together

    As the business world slowly learned to live with the new circumstances, the small stuff began to thrive. The digital B2B sales training developed by Susie met with great interest. It wasn't just the innovation that attracted attention, but also the effectiveness and accessibility of the training.

    In September 2020, the small stuff reached a significant milestone. The hard work and commitment bore fruit when the collaboration with a renowned German telecommunications company started. This success was not only a highlight in our young history, but also the beginning of a lasting and fruitful partnership.

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  • The expansion

    (February 2023)

    Innovation meets expertise

    Our continued growth led to the investment in an eLearning Platform - a move that underlines our philosophy of fun, interaction and digital learning. We firmly believe that our participants are not just there to listen, but active designers of their learning experience. This concept has helped us develop training methods that are both practical and memorable.

  • Dynamic duo

    (June 2021)

    Revolutionize Digital Training with Cutting-Edge Social Selling Strategies

    During this time of growth, Susie found a new team member – Franziska Morin. With her expertise and enthusiasm, Franziska and Susie became a dynamic duo that refined our digital training methods. Together they recognised the importance of social selling, especially via LinkedIn, and firmly integrated this strategy into our training system.

  • How to Sell Virtually

    (Summer 2023)

    Bookboon awards book contract to Susie as an expert in digital selling

    Susie was asked to write a book reflecting on the changes in the business environment since March 2020. She decided to bring on the expertise of Keith Rozelle, who co-authored the groundbreaking book. It offers innovative approaches to bridging the gap between in-person meetings and virtual encounters.

  • Today and our future


    A global network of experts

    Today, in 2024, we are proud to have a team of 5 team members and a wide network of highly qualified trainers who offer training in various languages. Our customer list includes well-known companies from all corners of the world and on every continent. the small stuff stands for more than just sales training; We stand for a movement that focuses on people through whom we can achieve extraordinary results.

Our team

Susannah Mathieson

Founder | Sales trainer & coach

Small changes make a big difference.”

Theresa Lehmstedt

Sales trainer

Never stop growing.”

Franziska Morin

Business Development Consultant

Don’t be busy, be productive!”

Chris Dawson

Sales trainer

„Sales is one of the most prestigious professions, and like all professions, it requires constant learning and development.“

Tabitha Tamberlin

Learning & Development Consultant

"We're never done learning."

Lothar Schiller

Sales trainer, sales coach & consultant

How to Unleash the Power of a “Successful Sales Mindset”!

Wendy Harris

Sales trainer

„You never know where a conversation will lead.”

Niraj Kapur

LinkedIn Trainer | Trusted Sales Coach

The more you learn, the more you earn."

Ian Swanston

Sales trainer

"Not sales training, but delivering results!"

Natalie Baksheieva

Luxury sales trainer & coach

„We are the authors of our own lives.“.

Janet Efere

Sales trainer

„A fresh perspective is often enough to solve challenges and increase sales.“

Cora Schülen

Business coach, trainer for stress management

„Be and be successful with clarity and awareness“

Xavier Guerin

Sales trainer & coach

"The only constant in life is change"

Dr. Thomas Schütte

Executive Speaker Coach | NLP-Trainer und Coach der Society of NLP™

„Become the boss in your own head and experience the freedom between your ears!“

Nikolai Köhler

Sales trainer & coach

„Your passion makes the difference between very good and excellent.“

Oliver Schuster

Professional Networker

Together - Networking - Recommendations”


Thank you very much for your valuable tips and insights! I had the pleasure of getting to know Susie during the multi-day sales training. Her workshops are excellently prepared and provide real added value. As a sales beginner, she was able to impart a broad foundation of knowledge to me. At the same time, Susie always took the time for individual questions and issues. Her open and humorous manner greatly enriches the sessions. I can only recommend training with Susie. Dear Susie, I wish you all the best and success in all your endeavors! Thank you for your time and dedication!

Michael Faber

💡 Inside Sales Manager #magenta | 🚀 Brand Marketing Enthusiast | 📱Digital Content Creator

January 30, 2023, LinkedIn Recommendation from Michael Faber

We have worked with Susie for several years now. She is the best trainer in our industry. She is passionate about her work and has an amazing ability to read the room and change the agenda on the move to perfectly fit the audience. One thing that amazes me - even with several months between our sessions, she still remembers everyone’s name!! Every single one of us at DANX Carousel have positive words to say and I would recommend in a heartbeat! Keep doing what you are doing Susie and don’t ever change!! 💕

Sandra Hayton

Helping to create value based logistics solutions for time critical shipments

3. Oktober 2023, LinkedIn Empfehlung von Sandra Hayton

Hi Susie, I just wanted to express my appreciation for the fantastic training session on Monday. It was both informative and enjoyable, and it left me looking forward to the upcoming sessions. Your enthusiasm and expertise are evident, and I'm excited to learn more from this course. Thanks again!

Karim Mansour

Corporate Account Manager at UNIFONIC

11. Oktober 2023, LinkedIn Empfehlung von Karim Mansour

I highly recommend the RAIN training by Susie Mathieson and her team. Comprehensive, structured, to the point and very approachable team. Very useful, also to experience Sales People. Thanks Susie :)

Luigi Moccaldi

Sales Manager EMEA at TE Connectivity, Industrial and Commercial Transportation BU

4. Oktober 2023, LinkedIn Empfehlung von Luigi Moccaldi

I recently had the pleasure of working with Susannah Mathieson. She was my sales trainer as part of a further education program. Overall, I must say, I couldn't have asked for a better sales trainer. Not only professionally, but also personally, Susie is truly outstanding. She managed to dispel our fears and create a harmonious atmosphere within the team, allowing us all to learn from each other additionally. We all start somewhere and just need the right people around us to push us forward. The exchange with Susie has opened up new perspectives for me, and I feel more confident in my job in general.

Marie Schölzel

Inside Sales @ TSI 💗

January 25, 2023, LinkedIn Recommendation from Marie Schölzel

If you want to play Champions League, you have to train with Champions. Susie and the Raingroup are masters of their craft and Champions. Susie makes complicated things very easy with her way. Her mindset is incredible. She showed T-Systems / Inside Sales she showed us how we work as a team and how everyone can learn something from the others. She is still interested in how we are developing. Power Hour by Susie will take Inside Sales a long way. Thank you Susie for your fantastic commitment.

Wael Khanafer


11. März 2023, LinkedIn Empfehlung von Wael Khanafer

My team and I had the pleasure of being coached by Susie in Berlin. Within a few days, she was able to promote substantial growth within my team. Boasting sharp awareness, she is in tune with the struggles that one may have and addresses those struggles with quick, accute solutions. Being a newcomer in my company, I often experienced draining spouts of insecurity and doubt in myself. Susie quickly took note, took the relationship that my team had, cultivated it, and influenced an evolution that instilled the confidence that I, as well as some of my fellow peers, had previously lacked for success. The most difficult part was seeing Susie go, but the impact that she left on my team and me will remain everlasting. Thank you, Susie!

Brian Harris

Inside Sales Manager (International) bei T-Systems International GmbH

24. Januar 2023, LinkedIn Empfehlung von Brian Harris

I have the honour to work with Susie as a Trainer from RAIN Group for our Inside Sales Team of T-Systems International. Words can't really describe how much Susie has helped me personally to gain more confidence as a sales person, especially because I had no prior knowledge to sales itself, since I came from a totally different background. Susie taught me to believe in myself more, to use both my strength AND weakness, because we're all only human, and that it is the most important aspect of selling itself. I also really appreciate that Susie, even though she has a lot of knowledge in a lot of aspects (not only the niches!), she never once gave me the feeling that she was being condescending, but purely there to help me and my team to move forward. I can only recommend her enough to everyone that is interested and passionate in Sales to work with Susie!

Myria Hutagalung

Consultative Seller mit 💗 @ TSI

24. Januar 2023, LinkedIn Empfehlung von Myria Hutagalung