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Our B2B sales coaching

Individual coaching for measurable improvements

Your success in B2B sales is our goal. We delve deep into your specific challenges and work with you to develop a strategy that is precisely tailored to your goals.

Our individual coaching focuses on practical solutions and individual strategies that can be applied directly to your everyday work. We equip you with the tools and techniques you need to not only achieve your sales goals but exceed them.

Group coaching: working together for success

In our group coaching sessions, we bring people together with similar roles to create a dynamic learning environment through direct feedback from the small stuff team, but also from peers, managers and colleagues.

This not only promotes individual reflection, but also strengthens teamwork and cohesion. Our approach aims to create an atmosphere in which the fun of selling is the priority and every participant grows and develops through exchanges with like-minded people.

Team leader coaching: develop your leadership strengths

Our team leader coaching enables managers to discover and use a coaching format tailored to their strengths. We help you to optimise your leadership skills and create an environment where having fun leading a team and achieving goals go hand in hand.

Through a combination of demonstration and practical application, we support you in integrating effective leadership methods directly into your everyday work. Experience how our approach can help you find the joy of leadership again and lead your team to top performance.

90-day sales plans: your roadmap to success

With our 90-day sales plans, we focus on developing precise strategies that aim for measurable results in a short timeframe. We not only support you in developing these plans, but also in the interactive implementation of your sales goals. Our approach ensures that you and your teams have clear, quantifiable goals in mind - from increasing sales to expanding into new markets.

By setting measurable goals, such as increasing customer numbers, increasing the average sales value or improving the close rate, we create a guide for daily work and motivate the team to work towards these milestones together.

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Hi Susie, I just wanted to express my appreciation for the fantastic training session on Monday. It was both informative and enjoyable, and it left me looking forward to the upcoming sessions. Your enthusiasm and expertise are evident, and I'm excited to learn more from this course. Thanks again!

Karim Mansour

Corporate Account Manager at UNIFONIC

11th October 2023
LinkedIn recommendation from Karim Mansour

I highly recommend the RAIN training by Susie Mathieson and her team. Comprehensive, structured, to the point and very approachable team. Very useful, also to experience Sales People. Thanks Susie :)

Luigi Moccaldi

Sales Manager EMEA at TE Connectivity, Industrial and Commercial Transportation BU

4th October 2023
LinkedIn recommendation from Luigi Moccaldi

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