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Our B2B sales training

Customer acquisition and retention:

Psychology meets strategy

Our training programs in customer acquisition and retention combine a deep understanding of communication psychology with tried-and-tested strategies. We focus on how you can develop a sound understanding of your customers' problems and goals and thereby build trust.

Cold Call like a Boss: Telephone prospecting redefined

Find out how to use the “Cold Call like a Boss” method to become more effective at telephone prospecting. Learn not only how to reach potential customers on the phone, but also how to progress to the next step in the sales cycle by using targeted communication techniques based on psychological principles.

Social Selling: More than just presence

Optimise your social selling strategy to not only be visible on platforms like LinkedIn, but to build real business relationships. We'll show you how to get the attention of your target audience, address them successfully and develop a networking strategy that suits your customers.

Communication psychology: understanding and being understood

Dive into the world of communication psychology to understand how we communicate as humans - from body language to facial expressions and gestures. Learn how to build rapport and adapt your communication style so that you and your prospects or customers are on the same page.

Sales strategies:

Tailored for your market

The Challenger Sale™: Differentiation through insights

Learn how to revolutionise customer engagement with The Challenger Sale™. We guide you in identifying specific customer challenges and convincing them with targeted solutions. You will learn how to get your customers to change their viewpoints with well-founded, strategic insights and thereby significantly increase your close rates.

Story Powered Sales: The Power of Real Stories

Transform dry sales presentations into compelling narratives. In our training, we'll show you how to use authentic stories to create emotional connections that captivate your customers and motivate them to partner with you. You will learn how to structure stories to effectively convey the core message of your specific solution.

Solution Selling: Solutions that convince

Go beyond standard solutions and develop customised offers that are precisely tailored to your customers' needs. We train you to carry out in-depth needs analyses and use them as a basis for designing individual solution concepts that offer real added value and promote long-term customer relationships.

Consultative Selling: Advice that creates trust

Become a trusted advisor to your customers by understanding complex challenges and offering thoughtful solutions. In this module we focus on how you can develop a deep understanding of your customers' situation through active listening and asking targeted questions.

Strategic Account Management: Strategically develop top customers

Learn how to specifically analyse, support and develop key accounts. This training will give you the tools and techniques to create and implement long-term, strategic plans for your most important customers that lead to mutual growth.

Rapid Retail Sales Mastery: Sales training in retail

Transform your retail team with our Rapid Retail Sales Mastery training. This specially developed program equips your employees with the skills to generate genuine customer enthusiasm through active listening and targeted product presentations. In short, practical modules that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine, learning how to respond to customer needs and build trust. Our method enables immediate application in customer contact, promotes employee loyalty and measurably increases sales.

Leadership and team development:

The key to success

Leadership training & team development:
Uncover The Leader's Secret Code

Discover “The Leader's Secret Code”, an innovative approach to our leadership training. This module provides a deep insight into your leadership skills by comparing you with the most successful leaders in the industry. Through a comprehensive analysis – who are you as a manager and how do you compare? – we identify areas where you can grow and improve. We then lay out a clear roadmap for optimising your leadership skills to strengthen not only you, but also your team.

Efficiency and productivity in sales

Virtual selling: practical examples of top performance

When selling virtually, it's crucial to adapt your strategies to achieve great results online. We'll show you how to master virtual meetings and presentations by running through concrete examples of successful virtual sales conversations. Learn how to effectively use digital tools to build strong connections with your customers and discover techniques on how to speed up the sales process when working in a virtual environment.

Effective time management: Achieve more in less time

Time is one of your most valuable resources in sales. Our training shares proven time management techniques that will help you significantly increase your productivity. We focus on strategies to set priorities effectively, minimise distractions and optimise the way you work so that you gain more time for what really matters: strategic sales activities and building long-term customer relationships.

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Susannah Mathieson. She was my sales trainer as part of a further education program. Overall, I must say, I couldn't have asked for a better sales trainer. Not only professionally, but also personally, Susie is truly outstanding. She managed to dispel our fears and create a harmonious atmosphere within the team, allowing us all to learn from each other additionally. We all start somewhere and just need the right people around us to push us forward. The exchange with Susie has opened up new perspectives for me, and I feel more confident in my job in general.

Marie Schölzel

Inside Sales @ TSI 💗

25th January, 2023
LinkedIn recommendation from Marie Schölzel

If you want to play Champions League, you have to train with Champions. Susie and the Raingroup are masters of their craft and Champions. Susie makes complicated things very easy with her way. Her mindset is incredible. She showed T-Systems / Inside Sales she showed us how we work as a team and how everyone can learn something from the others. She is still interested in how we are developing. Power Hour by Susie will take Inside Sales a long way. Thank you Susie for your fantastic commitment.

Wael Khanafer

Digitisation officer

11th March 2023
LinkedIn recommendation from Wael Khanafer

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