Sales psychology

  • Targeted behavior analysis
  • Scientifically based methods
  • Interactive self-confidence training
  • Sustainable effect on team dynamics

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Our sales psychology training courses


The secret of successful communication and self-mastery

The secret to successful communication and self-mastery: With our NLP training (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) you will delve deep into the art of effective communication and personal development. NLP stands for understanding and using the language of your own mind to achieve personal and professional goals through better self-knowledge and communication techniques.

By integrating NLP into our training offering, we and our partner NLPWorx offer you the tools to not only expand your sales skills, but also to develop your full potential as a communicator and manager. Discover new perspectives, improve your interpersonal skills and increase your sales effectiveness through the power of NLP.

Our courses:

The entry into the world of NLP. Learn how to sharpen your perception, use your language specifically and bring about positive changes in your life through effective programming techniques. This course is your starting point for gaining control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions so you can succeed in sales and beyond.


Building on the NLP Practitioner, the NLP Master deepens your understanding and skills in neuro-linguistic programming. Learn advanced techniques and strategies to coach and lead not only yourself, but others more effectively. The NLP Master enables you to master complex communicative challenges and achieve extraordinary results in all areas of your life.


In our DISC training, we enable your sales teams to master the art of understanding people. DISC stands for the four behavioral styles: “Dominant”, “Influencer”, “Steady” and “Conscientious”. With our sales psychology training:

Understanding your customers’ language:

Learn to identify and interpret the four behavioral styles. This will help you better understand your customers’ communication preferences and needs.

Mastering customer conversations:

We train you to adapt your communication styles and strategies to ensure a more resonant and effective interaction with every customer style.

Building and Maintaining relationships:

Find out how you can build and strengthen authentic, long-term customer relationships through adapted communication channels.

Resolving conflict and strengthening teamwork:

Improve internal communication within your team by understanding and applying DISC principles.

Salesperson’s Secret Code

Uncover the secrets of successful sales performers. The “Salesperson’s Secret Code” is our sales psychology training & coaching that aims to uncover the hidden factors that make a top sales performers so successful. Through psychometric testing, role play and interactive exercises, you will apply what you have learned in this training and improve your ability to communicate effectively and empathetically. In this innovative training:

Get to know the psychological sales triggers:

Discover the psychological triggers that influence purchasing decisions and learn how to effectively address them in your sales conversations and presentations.

Speaking the language of success:

Hone your linguistic skills to communicate convincingly and arouse positive emotions in your customers.

Becoming more confident and authentic:

Increase your self-confidence through a better understanding of your own psychological drivers and develop an authentic sales personality.

The Leader's Secret Code

Discover “The Leader's Secret Code”, an innovative approach to our leadership training. This module provides a deep insight into your leadership skills by comparing you with the most successful leaders in the industry. Through a comprehensive analysis – who are you as a manager and how do you compare? – we identify areas where you can grow and improve. We then lay out a clear roadmap for optimizing your leadership skills to strengthen not only you, but also your team.

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My team and I had the pleasure of being coached by Susie in Berlin. Within a few days, she was able to promote substantial growth within my team. Boasting sharp awareness, she is in tune with the struggles that one may have and addresses those struggles with quick, accute solutions. Being a newcomer in my company, I often experienced draining spouts of insecurity and doubt in myself. Susie quickly took note, took the relationship that my team had, cultivated it, and influenced an evolution that instilled the confidence that I, as well as some of my fellow peers, had previously lacked for success. The most difficult part was seeing Susie go, but the impact that she left on my team and me will remain everlasting. Thank you, Susie!

Brian Harris

Inside Sales Manager (International) bei T-Systems International GmbH

24th January 2023
LinkedIn recommendation from Brian Harris

I have the honour to work with Susie as a Trainer from RAIN Group for our Inside Sales Team of T-Systems International. Words can't really describe how much Susie has helped me personally to gain more confidence as a sales person, especially because I had no prior knowledge to sales itself, since I came from a totally different background. Susie taught me to believe in myself more, to use both my strength AND weakness, because we're all only human, and that it is the most important aspect of selling itself. I also really appreciate that Susie, even though she has a lot of knowledge in a lot of aspects (not only the niches!), she never once gave me the feeling that she was being condescending, but purely there to help me and my team to move forward. I can only recommend her enough to everyone that is interested and passionate in Sales to work with Susie!

Myria Hutagalung

Consultative Seller mit 💗 @ TSI

24th January 2023
LinkedIn recommendation from Myria Hutagalung

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